ㄍ 從小考到大 從裡考到外 ㄊ ㄇ ㄉ 我 ㄘ ㄠ 我ㄊ 一 我 ㄔㄨㄞˋ

1. Rank rates order
  ion channel 
  ATP-powered pumps
第一 推理  由消耗能量來看  ion channel is spontaneous diffusion from concentration grandient 第二種是energy commsumption 第三種  應 是co transport 為syn or anti trransporter
查數據(UCSF)       應該是按照上述順序排列
2. water could not move across a lipid bilayer freely
    it seems like that small alcohols could
    no, ions could not
    of course not, glucose could not.
    as the above
    nitric oxide   nnnnnnn    should not
3. duration of action potential is about
    potassium / sodium pump
   if you think of the temperal unit is 2ms 
   OK could not rationalize the thinking
    page 277
    4 ms
4. ion selectivity
    it seems like the geometry of th gate of the channel
5. axon action potentials
   page 279
   yeah . sodium potassium
   voltage gated so option number 1 and 2   refer to 2001 nature voltage gated sensing alpha helix
6.  option 2
7. the in correct ones
    1. should be beta
    2. wrong cause the two ends could associate and dissociate the dimers at the same time
    3. that’s right
    4. right
8.  1. wrong cause the real phenomenon will not happen when you proceed experiment
     2. no, it should inhibit growth of the microtubule
     3. cell cycle re-member again
         interphase that is G2 phase
         according to  the logic that the option is right cause the huge change of microtubules during M phase
     4. plectin nnnnnn, no idea of rememberance
         see page 810, itermediate filament associated proteins plakins
         seems right
9.  1. Listeria yeah  the  impression
         page 789
     2. no, primarily the actin, so it is the microfilement
     3. nnnnnn should not by the bacterium,,,,,,
     4. nnnnn check the bible. ……   yeah ……..   I think that it is right.
     5. heay page 790
10. 1. nnnn wrong for the inference

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